I encourage you, before you buy your first Akita, if you have acquired an Akita and don't
    know much about the breed, or just looking at getting a puppy and are considering an Akita,
    please take the time to visit and read the Akita breed information on the Akita Club of
    America website.  I have provided their link for your convenience.  

    An Akita is not a breed for everyone.  I know you keep hearing that statement, because it is
    true.   I fell in love with their beauty, sensitivity, and endearing traits but I was also willing to
    make them a part of my family and manage their less than endearing traits.  You have to make
    that decision for yourself and determine if an Akita fits your lifestyle and personality.  

    Akitas are true working dogs and are pack-oriented, extremely intelligent, independent
    thinkers.  You must be willing to fill the role of pack leader and keep it, otherwise your Akita
    will be more than happy to fill the position.  

    Please read all you can about the Akita breed, visit dog shows, talk to breeders and
    companion owners Realize an Akita puppy is a lifetime commitment.
The Akita - Is It The Right Breed For You?