About Sunshine Akitas:

I have always had a fascination with animals even as a young child.  I grew up knowing only one thing, I had a
unique gift and an uncompromised love of animals.  My parents supported my interest and I was allowed to raise a
variety of animals.  In high school, I only had one aspiration to become a Veterinarian.  Although, I worked as a
veterinary technician while in college, I never totally realized that dream and pursued a career in computers with
an avocation with Akitas.

I saw my first Akita when I was 19 years old living in an upscale apartment high rise going to college.  He was
distinguished, noble and had a regal carriage.  What surprised me was for such a massively, strong dog, he was
extremely gentle with his owner's 3 little children,  tremendously obedient and had adjusted to high rise
apartment living.  I asked her about her dog, Bear, and we chatted for over hour regarding the Akita breed and the
breed's heritage.  That is when my love affair began with the breed.  

My first husband and I acquired our first Akita in the winter of 1990.  I learned a great deal from Jake and my
mistakes as a novice Akita owner, albeit, the experience inspired me to stretch myself to become an obedience
instructor providing both private and group lessons to all breeds, I became involved in the local and National Akita
Breed club, I became involved in a local obedience club, Akita rescue, training and conformation showing of
Akitas, and most of all the endearing and cherished friendships I developed thought the learning process.  I have
since lost Jake, divorced and have remarried a wonderful man, Edward Sullivan, who shares my life,  and my
Akitas and is my best friend.  Yes, of course, he had to pass the dog test and did so with flying colors before I
agreed to marry him.

Akitas are not a dog for everyone.  Raised with a consistent hand, proper socialization, and structure, they are the
most wonderfully devoted companions.  We breed for the betterment of the breed and our dogs only go to homes
who have the willingness to sign into an agreement with us for a lifelong commitment to the well-being of our
dogs.  We make no exceptions, our puppies, companion or show, must attend at least 2 obedience classes, puppy
kindergarten and Basic 1 and our older dogs must attend at the minimum Basic 1 obedience class with their new
owner.  This is to build a foundation for establishing a life long bond between your new Akita and you.  Of course,
we support and encourage continuing obedience education and athletic competition.  We have an open door policy
and will be there to answer questions, provide advice, encouragement and mentoring.